We provide a unique single sourcing point for coil and leaf springs serving transportation and other industrial markets with custom application solutions.

Precision Coil Springs

Cold Wound Spring Being Formed

Cold Wound Springs Being Formed

Betts Spring Manufacturing Hot Coiling Process

Hot Wound Spring Being Formed

Betts Spring Manufacturing maintains state-of-the-industry automatic coiling equipment that is capable of manufacturing precision coil springs to the highest specifications from .095" to 1.75" diameter wire in cold and hot wound manufacturing processes. We are also well equipped to perform secondary looping, bending, and forming operations necessary to produce an infinite variety of springs, as well as wire forms. Our compression springs are finished utilizing a battery of automatic grinders that economically grind your springs to exacting tolerances for squareness, length, and load. We also provide in-house heat treatment, deburring, shot-peening, painting or powder coating to enhance the quality of the finished product and meet coil spring specifications.

In addition, Betts Spring Manufacturing maintains a short-run or "prototype" department that can quickly and efficiently facilitate your coiled spring prototype, small order, and emergency needs.

Betts Spring Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing custom compression springs for the automotive aftermarket industry, agriculture, trucking, oil & gas, mining, military and construction industries.