We provide a unique single sourcing point for coil and leaf springs serving transportation and other industrial markets with custom application solutions.

Best Coil & Leaf Springs in the Industry

Best Chrome Coil Springs

Chrome Springs ready for shipping.

Best Leaf Springs

We've been making high quality
Leaf Springs since 1868.

Our springs are always custom ordered and made to exact specifications. Betts Spring Manufacturing produces some the best coil springs on the market today using state of the art equipment with an experienced in-house engineering team. Hot or cold wound springs are also a specialty.

We can take your idea, requirements and design a spring that fits your vision. Looking for improving performance on your fleet or heavy duty truck? Betts Spring Manufacturing has outfitted the best leaf springs for the most demanding applications.

Give us a call or contact us about your next project or challenge. We have a well-qualified staff ready to serve you.